Monday, February 25, 2008

Receive a $25 ING Direct Bonus

My favorite online bank is ING Direct. I've been a happy customer since 2004. While several other banks may offer a better interest rate, I find ING Direct to have an extremely easy to use website with absolutely no fees. I've researched other online banks paying higher interest rates but declined due to one "hidden" fee or another.

If you sign up for ING Direct’s Orange Savings Account or Electric Orange Account (checking) with at least $250, you’ll get a $25 bonus. (I get a $10 bonus for a referral).

If you would like to sign up and receive a $25 bonus, please click here to send me an email with your first name. Please also let me know if you are interested in the savings account or checking account. I will send you an email with the referral link to open the account.


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